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Note: selected figures from my working paper “Hybrid Marriages and Phenotypic Heterosis in Offspring“: migration flow maps of Beijing based on the 2000 Census microdata of China.


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Working Papers

“Restaurant Crowdedness and Consumer Food Consumption ” (with Xiaoou Liu and Rodolfo Nayga).

“Hybrid Marriages and Phenotypic Heterosis in Offspring: Evidence from China” (with Xiaohui Zhang, Qiran Zhao, and Qihui Chen).

“Consumer Responses to Voluntary Nutrition Labeling in the Presence of Information Spillovers” (with Xiaoou Liu and Rigoberto A. Lopez).

“Can Voluntary Nutrition Labeling Lead to a Healthier Food Market?” (with Xiaoou Liu and Rigoberto A. Lopez).

“Gender Matters: Assessing the Intergenerational Occupational Mobility in Post-Revolution China” (with Gejun Zhu and Xiaoou Liu).