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Note: selected figures from working paper “Hybrid Marriages and Phenotypic Heterosis in Offspring“: migration flow maps of Beijing based on the 2000 Census microdata of China.


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职业代际继承与流动:基于中国人口普查数据的实证分析 ”,朱晨(2017),《劳动经济研究》,2017年第6期。




Working Papers

“Consumer Responses to Voluntary Nutrition Labeling in the Presence of Information Spillovers” (with Xiaoou Liu and Rigoberto A. Lopez, R&R).

“Too Congested to Enjoy? Estimating How Crowdedness Affects Food Consumption ” (with Xiaoou Liu and Rodolfo Nayga).

“Can Voluntary Nutrition Labeling Lead to a Healthier Food Market?” (with Xiaoou Liu and Rigoberto A. Lopez).

“Gender Matters: Assessing the Intergenerational Occupational Mobility in Post-Revolution China” (with Gejun Zhu and Xiaoou Liu).